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[Automatic Mining App] [GPU] [NVIDIA] ManageRigs.com - boost your mining profit!


[Automatic Mining App] [GPU] [NVIDIA] ManageRigs.com - boost your mining profit!

ManageRigs Miner Control App

What is it?

ManageRigs Miner Control App is an application that increases the income of your mining rigs. Earn more than online calculators predicts.
We manage your rigs and mining-related processes. Safely, remotely, effectively.
Weekly payments, reports.

How much is it?

ManageRigs Miner Control App is Free.

How to manage this app?

ManageRigs Miner Control App is working automatically. You simply run it and get your weekly profit.

Who are we?

A team of developers and miners, which developed a product that maximizes mining profits.

How do we do that?
  • automatic switching between profitable currencies and algos
  • algorythmic trading to gain maximum profit
  • stop loss protection
  • uninterruptable operation provided by 24/7 monitoring
  • and more
What about payments?

BTC payments directly to your wallet weekly after your confirmed balance reached BTC 0.002 limit. You have access to income stats, updated every day.

What do I need to start?
  • Download our miner app from GitHub https://www.ManageRigs.com/ManageRigs.com_Windows.zip
  • Extract zip archive
  • Run ManageRigs.exe (or ManageRigs for Linux)
  • For the first time you will be asked for your btc payout address, you can change it later in btc.txt file
  • You will receive BTC transfers in accordance with the established schedule and get access to statistics by entering your wallet number in our application
Download our Linux ISO for faster installation!
P. S. Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/e762abaa4c1609cc75b4aeab9ba66cf33261578a52596dfe7b3c6c8d5646dec4/detection

How to report bugs and issues?

Please use Telegram, Facebook, Twitter to report possible bugs. All bug and error messages allow us to react more quickly and eliminate them. Thank you.

Contact us:

Channel: https://t.me/ManageRigs_Channel
Manager: https://t.me/ManageRigs


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