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Invest in start-up


From Banks
  • Softbank
  • Scottish Mortgage (UK)
From US mutual funds that have private investments
  • Fidelity/TRP funds - minimal % as to rarely be material
From portfolio companies
  • Naspers
  • Kinnevik
Softbank is literally talking about a portfolio investment that will allow people to invest in IPOs as low as $10 - literally "sold to you".
Softbank's Masa Son with his 300 year vision is certainly a bit nuts and has done exceptionally well over the years, but there have been tremendous drawdowns - he lost a fortune in the dot com era.

What other ways do you know? Can you add?
Or tell us about the experience?

What is the alternative to hype and cryptocurrencies?
How to make a reliable investment in a starting project, before entering the market and without buying tokens =))
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