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Blockchain IoTeX



IoTeX Delegates Program - ZH Capital
ZH Capital is a young and blooming capital firm with a strong focus on asset management, OTC trading, and Cryptocurrency. Our core competency is providing liquidity as an options market-maker. Meaning we provide competitive quotes that we are willing to both buy and sell. To do this successfully we design and implement our own low latency technologies, trading strategies, and mathematical models. Furthermore, we offer exclusive products which provide investors with simple, regulated and familiar ways to gain exposure to digital assets, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For example, our quantitative investment portfolio specializing in the systematic trading of cryptocurrencies. We trade a diverse set of strategies including market making, providing liquidity to the revolutionary and emerging token economy. As well as engaging in high-frequency trading, ZH Capital invests in blockchain-based assets that have strong fundamentals. We believe that Transparency is the key. Thus, all of our portfolio performance and details are uploaded regularly. Including information such as market view, trading log, and more. As One of Australia’s leading Blockchain Investment Company, ZH Capital has been operating in the crypto space since 2015. Located in the heart of Melbourne our team is filled with talented individuals from both Traditional Finance as well as Tech experts. For years we have been trusted by a selective group of clients to serve as a market maker, also providing them exposure to the crypto space in the most professional, transparent manner. Since establishment, ZH Capital is a fully compliant entity registered with the Australian Security and Investment Commission. We work closely with local governments, communities, blockchain companies, and exchanges. On top of that, we recently have a brand-new second office fully opened, operating in mainland China. Our relationship with IoTeX begun in late 2017, as a private investor we were moved by founder's vision and decided to participate in its early funding, and Today we are proud to announce our participation in its Delegate Program, continuing to provide our support to the network and ecosystem. Further details can be found on our official website at

IoTeX Delegates Program - IoTeX LAB
Founded by Simone (@zimne), an early IoTeX supporter, IoTeX LAB aims to be the reference place for those who want to learn about IoTeX technology. IoTeX LAB not only provides learning resources, tools, and tutorials, but also increases project awareness by presenting IoTeX at industry events and organizing local meetups. IoTeX LAB is Simone's way to further support the IoTeX project and community with more explainer videos and tutorials, managing community groups, and, most importantly, promoting IoTeX awareness and adoption. IoTeX LAB is also a community on Telegram, where everyone can get direct support and clear explanations about IoTeX features, and discuss ideas and future initiatives.

IoTeX Delegates Program - PreAngel
Founded in 2011, PreAngel has invested more than 300 companies in China and USA, which covers a range of industries: Mobile Internet, Smart Hardware, Healthcare, Sharing Economy, Finance and Insurance, E-Commerce, Consumption Upgrade, Female Economy, Sport and Culture, etc. PreAngel has been investing in the blockchain industry since 2014, and their portfolio projects include IoTeX, NEO, Quarkchain, Arcblock, Origin, Coinsuper, Bgogo, Coinvoice, and more.
IoTeX Delegates Program - IoTeXTeam (StakingTeam)

IoTexTeam is part of StakingTeam project – a service that lets your cryptocurrencies work for you any hour, any day. They are a dedicated delegation service with years of experience, with a strong commitment to IoTeX. Thanks to strong investment, IoTeXTeam will take on many responsibilities and offer a lot of extra rewards for their voters. Working closely with IoTeX, they will help bootstrap the Mainnet in the kickoff phase. With IoTeXTeam, your votes will gain an extra share from the first block! IoTeXTeam (StakingTeam) believes in transparency and communication: they share everything with their delegators, thanks to a dedicated assistance on their Telegram Channel 24h per day. Join the Team, delegate, and relax: IoTeXTeam will work for you. As they love to say: “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. Followed by Staking”

IoTeX Delegates Program - CryptoLions
CryptoLions is best known for work as a block producer in the EOS community. Their efforts to support the EOS community include curation of the popular Jungle Testnet. They are excited by the promise of IoTeX, and the potential to bridge these two innovative communities and technologies. The CryptoLions team have built numerous open source blockchain projects, including Bitcoin vs Gold (2013), BettingBlocks, Block777, BTC Miner Prediction Lotteries, Whomined.com, and BTC Block Explorer.
IoTeX Delegates Program - Airfoil Services
Airfoil Services is a company that was built by developers and venture capitalists to serve the needs of the modern venture capital crypto portfolio. Their services include security, staking and any other issue a client with large holdings may have. Core to Airfoil's business is removing trust from humans by using crypto-native systems and protocols. Where they cannot use an autonomous systems, they lean on experience to build the most robust and transparent methods possible. In an ideal world, everyone would control their own crypto holdings. However when paired with the structure of traditional business, we all must blend the inherent security of crypto-systems with the real needs of businesses today.
IoTeX Delegates Program - Consensus Networks
Consensus Networks designs, builds, and supports infrastructure for blockchain technology. Founded in 2016, they are 100% focused on providing top tier network and ledger operations support. In 2018, they were awarded a phase I SBIR for our HealthLink network, a blockchain powered system for health data transfer. They are moving into a capability demonstration stage this spring in partnership with several hospital systems. Consensus Networks provides network support as node operators across several testnets including Factom, Cosmos, Polkadot, Ethereum, and IoTex as well as support for enterprise Hyperledger Fabric use cases and Bitcoin’s Lightning network. Their company was founded by data center and cloud infrastructure experts and we have deep technical experience building hardware and cloud environments.
IoTeX Delegates Program - DRoute Capital
Droute.Capital is offering the IoTex community the optimal route to win block rewards, manage network complexity when running multiple nodes and to maintain an alway-on, reliable network - no losing out on token rewards due to network outage! This No-Compromise Delegate is powered by DRoute - a revolutionary advancement in block propagation speed and reliability, first being deployed on the IoTeX network.
IoTeX Delegate Program - Stanford CPC
CPC is an elite startup venture club, founded by Stanford affiliates. CPC empowers people with big dreams, ideas and a desire to pitch, and aims to build an elite community of Stanford Alumni and San Francisco Bay Area’s top talents. Four years of community management experience enables CPC to make IoTeX a prosperous ecosystem. CPC currently has more than 2,000 members, 164 companies in the field of AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, Fintech, Healthcare, and Enterprise, raised over $646M. In 2018, CPC community fund invested 10+ tech focused blockchain companies including IoTeX, Algorand, Oasis Labs, Nucypher, Celer etc. CPC organized more than 1,000 developers to engage in discussions with world renowned crypto experts, including Turing award winner Professor Diffie, co-founder and CEO of IoTeX Raullen Chai. The world's top crypto exchange Binance was first introduced into the U.S. by CPC in March 2018.
IoTeX Delegates Program - Cobo Wallet
Cobo is the first digital asset wallet in the world to offer Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and masternode rewards on user holdings, making it easy for users to effortlessly grow their digital assets. As a company, they emphasize long-term security, reliability, and convenience. Their key products and services reflect that vision. Altogether, Cobo offers a secure mobile wallet (Cobo Wallet), high-end cold storage wallet for advanced users (Cobo Vault), and custodial services for institutional investors (Cobo Custody). With support for over thirty different coins, 500 tokens, and an integrated DApp store coming soon, Cobo aims to be a one-stop shop for everything crypto.

IoTeX Community Referral Program — Official Launch!

Today, we are excited to launch the IoTeX Community Referral Program!It’s a way for us to reward our amazing community for doing what they already do — helping and believing in IoTeX. Your family, friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers, crypto network, and more — we think everyone should know about IoTeX, don’t you? 😉

You can earn up to 500 IOTX per referral, and there is no limit on the number of referrals. And best of all, you will be contributing directly to the future of IoTeX. Start referring today!

How can I participate?
Anyone that stakes 1,000 IOTX is eligible and will get a unique referral link. Any new account that starts a browser session from your referral link and stakes at least 1,000 IOTX is a successful referral. The rules are simple:

  1. The more successful referrals you make, the more rewards for you!
  2. The more IOTX staked by referred accounts, the more rewards for you!
It’s that simple — rewards are just a social media post, email, text, call, or conversation away.

What rewards will I get for referrals?
There is no limit on the number of referrals, and you can earn up to 500 IOTX per referral (details here). That means you can earn 25,000 IOTX for referring 50 people (light work…) or 50,000 IOTX for referring 100 people (challenge accepted!). But wait, there’s more! You can also multiply your rewards by meeting specific referral tiers:

  • 10 total referrals = 10% bonus on ALL rewards
  • 25 total referrals = 15% bonus on ALL rewards
  • 50 total referrals = 20% bonus on ALL rewards
  • Top 5 referrers = 25% bonus on ALL rewards
The sky is the limit! We will give the Top 5 a special recognition badge to share their contributions to the entire community. Track the status of your referrals on the Referrals page of the voting website — start referring today!

Anything else I should know?
The first phase of the IoTeX Community Referral Program will run from NOW until Mainnet launch. Remember that for your referrals to be successful, new accounts must have at least 1,000 IOTX staked when the Mainnet launches. To help educate and persuade new members to join our community, you can send along these materials:

The IoTeX team reserves the right to disqualify any specific referrals if evidence of cheating, fake accounts, or suspicious activity is found. In extreme cases, we may completely disqualify users if multiple instances of foul play are identified. For any questions, please reach out to us on Telegram or Twitter.

Awards program

IoTeX News Digest YouTube Campaign — EP 33

Campaign Period
⏰March 10, 3AM PST — March 13, 3AM PST

Steps to participate:
  1. Join our Telegram Group and Announcement Channel & make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel
  2. Fill out this form & complete the task of the week listed there to win!

Vote & Share Campaign - Daily Lucky Draw Reward Details - LAST DAY (!!!)
1 winner will get 5,000 IOTX
5 winners will get 1,000 IOTX
2/26/2019 10:00 PM PST to Voting Start Date (week of March 4)



VOTING IS LIVE NOW AT member.iotex.io!


Finally it is time to VOTE for IoTeX Delegates - check our voting instructions here to build the future of IoTeX! ➡

More detales in our Blog

After we reach the minimum threshold of 20% of the circulating supply (~500 million IOTX) staked/voted, the IoTeX Mainnet will be ready to launch!

Thanks to your support, we have successfully collected over 400 Million votes in 24 hours - 83% of the goal reached!
💪Let’s rock it to the Mainnet launch!




Hello everyone! After an exciting month of introducing our delegates and kicking off the voting, we will meet you again in our coming AMA next Tuesday on Mar 26, 2019 from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM PDT. As last time, this AMA will be a LIVESTREAM one which will be focusing on our Delegates Program.

Our co-founders Raullen and Jing, and Head of BD Larry will be hosting the livestream to talk about our recent updates. We will take the first few minutes to go through the Delegates Program progress, recap of the voting status, and share more details about our schedule of the coming weeks until Mainnet launch. We will have a mix between discussing pre-selected submitted questions and answering the questions you have for them live.

As usual, you are allowed to submit your questions beforehand through the following form — doing so will grant you a chance to be handpicked as a pre-selected question which will be guaranteed an answer during the livestream. The deadline for filling the form is 6:00 AM PDT on Mar 26.

Mainnet Rehearsal Begins on March 27!

What is Mainnet Rehearsal?
Consensus in the IoTeX network is managed exclusively by Delegates — it is a critical role, as the network is only as strong as the weakest node. To make sure Delegates are 100% ready, we will run a Mainnet Rehearsal (private beta) for ~2 weeks, after which the Mainnet will be launched to the public (official date coming soon).

Mainnet Rehearsal is required for all Delegates and consists of attending various workshops (i.e., infrastructure, monitoring, rewards) and practicing real world Delegate scenarios:

  • Network bootstrap: start blockchain + consensus process from scratch
  • First aid: pause / resume blockchain without affecting block production
  • Hotfix (compatible): install new software without pausing consensus (e.g., bug fixes, new features)
  • Hotfix (non-compatible): network-wide pause to install new software (e.g., serious issues that should not happen regularly)
  • Rollback & recovery: reverse a set of blocks and allow blockchain to recover (e.g., critical issues and bugs, should not happen)
What are the actual responsibilities of Delegates?
Delegates will install the iotex-core protocol on their servers, which automatically proposes and validates blocks. As such, the primary role of a Delegate is to run the latest iotex-core software (there will be frequent updates) and always keep their node/server online. Delegates will need to be on-call to install both urgent and non-urgent software updates, as well as properly configure their hardware to maintain node uptime.

Consensus in the IoTeX network is a team effort. Mainnet Rehearsal will be the formal orientation for Delegates to meet each other, configure their nodes, and practice real world consensus scenarios.

What’s Next?
The next few weeks leading up to Mainnet launch will be action-packed. We will need the commitment of ALL Delegates and the community to make our Mainnet launch successful. After successfully running Mainnet Rehearsal for ~2 weeks and meeting performance/security benchmarks, the IoTeX Mainnet will be launched to the public!

In addition to Mainnet launch, we have other exciting announcements coming soon. We can’t wait to share what we have been working on behind-the-scenes — stay tuned to our official channels to stay in the loop! Let’s build the future together.

Recap & Highlights of the Interview with BlockchainBrad

We suggest you to check out the livestream and for your convenience, the timestamps are provided, as well as, here is a short summary report of the main points discussed in this interview.

IoTeX in a nutshell
IoTeX is a privacy-centric platform, designed and optimized for the IoT.
Right now we have a team of around 25 globally, most of the team is in Silicon Valley, but we also have a hardware office in Shenzhen and a small Business Development office in Singapore. Our goal is to really create a smart-contract platform, that is robust, scalable, but also have the features that people need to create a brand new privacy and IoT-focused applications. We are trying to make is easy for people to utilize blockchain and IoT and show the synergy of these two technologies but we are also focused on privacy, which is the hot topic of 2019.

IoTeX is a non-profit foundation, we are a smart-contract platform and everything is fully open-source, so we are not a revenue generating company but there’s a consumer side to our project. But the enterprise sector is very important to us and we believe that our technology and vision fits well with them, which is to create a decentralized trust fabric that lets anyone to collaborate with each other.

Why does privacy matter?
Privacy vs. pseudo-anonymity
Privacy for enterprises
Blockchain-in-blockchain Architecture of IoTeX
Pre-Mainnet Testing
Tech Updates
Global Brand Ambassadors

Full review in our Blog


Mainnet Rehearsal is officially underway!
"Everyone is on time! Exciting about the mainnet rehearsal starts NOW! Native IOTX is on the way!"
(Raullen Chai)

50+ IoTeX Delegates from around the world - all online at the same time to practice bootstrapping the Mainnet from scratch

Rehearsal going well, delegates start to take the lead!


IoTeX Rehearsal Manual

Mainnet Rehearsal Kickoff Report

The Mainnet Rehearsal uses the latest iotex-core v0.5.0-rc6 code, which is the next iteration of v0.5.0-rc5 that has evolved via Testnet testing over the past month. Today’s rehearsal started with 24 Robo-Delegates running consensus, which were gradually replaced with elected Delegates.

Delegates will continue to mine on both the Testnet and the Mainnet instances, which use different staking/registration contracts and tokens (i.e., IOTX vs. IOTTT). Want to explore for yourself? See our Rehearsal Manual.

Mainnet Rehearsal Attendance
We were very happy with the attendance of our Mainnet Rehearsal kickoff, with >75% of Delegates actively participating in discussion, node setup, and mining. Delegates with experience mining on other PoS/DPoS networks (e.g., EOS, Tron, Tezos, Lisk) were very helpful.

Attended: Airfoil Services, CapitalMu (NUS), Cobo Wallet, Coingecko, Consensus Networks, CPC-IoTeX, DRoute Capital, Du Capital, EnlightiVision, GameFantasy, Hashbuy, Homotopic & DraperDragon, Infinity Stones, IOSG Venture, IoTASK, IoTeX Core, IoTeX Geeks, IoTeX ICU, IoTeX LAB, IoTeX Union, iotexmainnet, IoTeXTeam, iotxplorer, Keys IoTeX, Lanhu IoT, LongZ, Metanyx, PreAngel, Public Payments, RATELS, RKT8, Royal Land, WanNodes, Whales Capital. Youbi Validator, ZH Capital

Not attended: Alphacoin, Bgogo, BlockBoost, BlockVC, Crypto Lions, EON, IoTeX Hub, IoTeX Tech, Meter, PIEXGO, SlowMist, Super IoTeX, Wayi Validator

What are the upcoming Mainnet Rehearsal events?
As of now, 20+ Delegates have successfully produced blocks on the Mainnet (congrats to WanNodes for producing the first block!). Throughout the next week, Delegates will keep their servers running and continue mining. We will start a new instance (brand new chain) on Tuesday, April 2 to practice bootstrapping the Mainnet from scratch again.

On Friday, March 29, we will have a workshop where IoTeX Foundation will share best practices for: 1) recommended system infrastructure, 2) monitoring, on-call and devops, 3) rewards and token swap, and 4) blockchain fast sync. We will share the slides after the session — stay tuned!

When will Mainnet be launched?
The public Mainnet launch date will be announced in the coming week. Based on today’s successful Mainnet Rehearsal kickoff, we are confident that the Mainnet will be launched to the public in the next 2–3 weeks.

It is crucial that any potential security and performance issues are resolved before public Mainnet launch. Please be patient as we onboard all Delegates and put the finishing touches on our Mainnet code. Thank you for supporting IoTeX — let’s build the future together!
Last edited:



Hello IoTeX community! We are excited to inform our community that Cobo Wallet - IoTeX Delegate and strategic partner - has officially released the first Mobile Voting DApp for IoTeX Delegates Program!
With this mobile voting platform, the voting process can be performed directly through the Cobo Wallet with built-in MetaMask tool.

In the Cobo app, users are able to check the IoTeX Voting website under “Explore” section to vote for Delegates and receive rewards. The user experience is streamlined and similar to our web voting portal. Now you can stake and vote via your mobile device without needing to install MetaMask separately — do it directly in the Cobo app! In the coming week, Cobo will release a “ Smart Voting” tool which enables auto-voting and ROI optimization without need to perform complex manual calculations. Happy Voting!

See more - Blog
About Cobo



Unleash your Creativity!
We thought that the best way to promote IoTeX and communicate with our global community would be by giving our own community a chance to be heard! As a result, we are launching this creative campaign, that will allow everyone who is interested in our project to engage and help to prepare useful information and educate others worldwide while spreading the word for IoTeX.

We welcome you to join is you are a: developer, coder, writer, artist, marketer, blockchain evangelist/enthusiast, influencer/blogger or a true supporter and believer of IoTeX. The top contributors will be featured and promoted by IoTeX and may be considered for becoming project’s Brand Ambassador or regular content contributor.

Ideas & Topics
Phase I - IoTeX Delegates Program
March 28— April 5

  • Showcase and explain IoTeX’s Delegates Program / voters and delegates
  • Compare and contrast IoTeX’s Delegates Program to other projects
  • How to become a Delegate/what are the qualities of a great Delegate/how to campaign & promote yourself/how to attract voters
  • Research and introduce the current IoTeX Delegates / who you will vote for and why
  • How to make money with IoTeX/ROI/earn passive income/accessible investment opportunities/ short-term vs. long-term gains
  • Mainnet Rehearsal
Phase 2- IoTeX Mainnet Countdown!
April 6 — Mainnet Public Launch (to be announced soon!)

  • Express and share your excitement with us to countdown for the Mainnet launch!
  • Show your love to IoTeX!
You can also propose your own topic in relation to blockchain, IoT and IoTeX, in order to be considered.

📌 Your content needs to be original! Translations and quotes cannot be more than 50% of the total content. Any cheating activity will result in disqualification.

📌 We do not have any limits as to the length or your content, as long as you can effectively reach and communicate to the audience, while bringing in value and informing.

📌 We welcome all types of creativeness, it can include: guides, articles, videos, memes/stickers, info-graphics, presentations, photos.

📌 We accept content in these languages only: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai.

📌 We will audit all submissions and reserve the final interpretation to this campaign.

Campaign Prizes
All of the submissions will be reviewed by the team and just like before, we will have an internal evaluation process. We will take into account the topic, format, length, method, creativeness and the community engagement of your submission.

Team’s Choice
🏅 10,000 points for up to 2 Winners (each Phase)

Trending Prize
🏅 10,000 points for up to 2 Winners (each Phase)

Lucky Draw Prize for the rest Participants
🎖 2,000 points for 20 Winners (each Phase)

🎖 1,000 points for 30 Winners (each Phase)

Steps to participate:
  1. Join IoTeX Telegram Group and follow IoTeX Twitter.
  2. Post your submission on Twitter, tag @iotex_io, and add the hashtag “#IoLoveIoTeX”, “#IoTeXdelegate”, “IoTeXvotes” and your unique IoTeX Hash ID (PM @IoTeXBountyBot and enter /hashid, or follow the instructions here) in your caption!Please double check before your submit. We cannot verify your identity to grant points if any information above is missing.
  3. Fill in this form with the Tweet link of your work.
See more


Hello our dear community! For those of you, who have been following us for sometime, you know that we like to regularly keep you updated on the progress of our project and share the latest news. We regularly send out newsletters, monthly project update reports and share news and announcements daily on our Telegram channels, Twitter, and also through the weekly News Digest videos on our YouTube channel. In order for these videos to be even more interesting and valuable to our supporters, we would like to introduce a campaign series around it — meet the IoTeX News Digest YouTube Campaign!

Steps to participate:
  1. Join our Telegram Group and Announcement Channel & make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel
  2. Fill out this form & complete the task of the week listed there to win!
See more



The IoTeX Member Portal is your one-stop shop for all things Blockchain + IoT. We will be sharing product reviews/unboxings and giving away FREE IoT devices and exclusive IoTeX swag!

Only Genesis Voters will get access to the IoTeX Member Portal. Haven't voted yet? Go to member.iotex.io and vote today!

IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal is in full swing! We held a series of online workshops for Delegates on March 29 - take a look at the agenda below:

00:10 Recommended system infrastructure (Yutong, IoTeX)
11:34 Node monitoring, on-call, and devops (Yutong, IoTeX)
27:38 Roll-DPoS and ioctl tool commands (Qevan, IoTeX)
45:58 Rewards and ROI estimation (Larry, IoTeX)
58:18 How to fast sync (Zhijie, IoTeX)
01:02:56 Network Layer Optimization (Ram, DRoute)

Progress update: We did some statistic and found that Roll-DPoS indeed selects active delegates with probability around 2/3, as expected


Highlights: Livestream from March 26

Jing: “Based on the community voting, over 20% of the voters have selected a staking duration of 350 days. Thank you for being our true believers!

  • Q1 — On Delegates’ contributions
- contributions to the core code are really welcomed!
  • Q2 — Delegates changing rewards
    The team’s job here is to maintain the decentralized approach as we don’t want to be the police, and all we are trying to do is to provide very transparent information so that voters can make the best decisions.
  • Q3 — Reputation system for Delegates
    - we respect anonymity and freedom, we disincentivize misinformation

  • Q4 — Voting for the Delegates in the top
    Are they any measures that would disincentivize people from voting for a top delegate to increase their chances of getting rewards because it’s not necessarily beneficial for the network in the long-run?

    - one thing that we urge all the voters to do is to vote based on reliability, future plans and strength of the team and the concept of the node.
  • Q5 — The Current state of the IoT industry
    • we are currently working with some of the hardware companies to facilitate hardware development, which will launch very soon
    • also, very soon we will launch the member portal to introduce the hardware products to our members.
  • Q6 — Becoming IoTeX’s Delegate
    - we are building an open network, everyone is free to join and free to leave, that’s our philosophy.
If we see something that’s damaging the network, we can guarantee that we will make it known, and right now the core team has an extremely loud voice, so we will step in when needed.
  • Q7 — On funding
    - So far, we have enough money to support the entire IoTeX blockchain development.
  • Q8 — IoTeX’s business model
    Since IoTeX is a non-profit foundation, how is the project sustained over time without the focus on revenue?
- non-profit doesn’t mean non-revenue
- we do things to cover our costs and to maintain our growth of the network
  • Q9 — On marketing
    How would you rate your current marketing efforts and what do you think can be improved on the promotion and marketing side?

    - 20% of circulating supply staked in just 3 days
    - building these new kinds of products, so that they will definitely see the value and the reason why they need to use this product
See the full review of the stream in the Blog.



Meet-UP with Binance Italy
The March 12, 2019 IoTeX meetup was held in Milan (Italy), hosted at Mikamai: a local Software House.

The meetup started with a warm welcome by Gianluca Randazzo - Software engineer & communities supporter @ Mikamai - who introduced Mikamai, and explained the reasons behind their idea of sharing this space for free to benefit tech initiatives like our meetup!

See more





Campaign Period
04/05/19 5:00 PM PDT till Mainnet Alpha Launches

The scope of the program is limited to IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal Network — https://github.com/iotexproject/iotex-core, which especially focuses on Level 3(Network) and Level 4(Transport) attacks.

The following items are known to us and should NOT be reported:

  • Application traffic flooding (etc x injection with our injector tool)
Qualifying DDoS Attack Cases
To qualify for bounty, your report must be original and previously unreported.

All types of DDoS cases are qualified for the reward, including but not limited to:

  • UDP Flood
  • ICMP (Ping) Flood
  • SYN Flood
  • Ping of Death
  • Slowloris
  • NTP Amplification
  • HTTP Flood
Please note that the reward decisions are up to the discretion of IoTeX Foundation.

For each qualified attack, we will offer 50,000 IOTX as a one-time thank-you reward.

To claim a DDoS attack, please submit a proof report through http://iotex.io/bugs with the following information:

  1. Category of the attack
  2. Targets
  3. Steps to reproduce
  4. Supporting Material/References, e.g., source code, scripts
  5. Mitigate recommendation
  6. Your name and country, e.g., unidentified submitters will not be eligible for reward
Please note that

  • You will qualify for a reward only if you were the first person to alert us to a previously unknown issue. We will update you on the progress of your report when it is accepted, validated, and when the bounty is repaid
  • Technical discussions in https://gitter.im/iotex-dev-community/Lobby are encouraged but do not disclose bug details without informing us first
  • Our engineering team (who will communicate with a valid @iotex.io email) may outreach to you for further information on the bug if needed.
This is an experimental and discretionary rewards program, and IoTeX Foundation can cancel the program at any time and the decision as to whether or not to pay a reward has to be entirely at IoTeX Foundation’s discretion. The participants’ exploit or testing should not violate any law, or disrupt or compromise any data unauthorizedly.

IoTeX always want our community to take part in the exciting and cutting-edge technology of blockchain platforms. We look forward to interacting with more enthusiastic developers who will change the world with products built on IoTeX and rewarding their contributions. Happy hunting!


IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal Update — Incredible Progress Every Day!
  • dates: What’s new in Testnet v0.5.0-rc8?
  • “Fire drill” workshop: emergency stop, deploy hotfix, and DoS a Delegate
  • Rehearsal #2: Bootstrap a brand new chain for the second time using rc8
What improvements have been made to IoTeX Mainnet code?
For the past two months, the IoTeX team has launched a new code release every week. We started with Release Candidate #1 (rc1) and have evolved now to rc8 (full details here). Week after week, we have made significant enhancements in consensus performance and usability for Delegates. Here are some interesting facts to contextualize our progress:

  • Syncing: Delegates can now “fast sync” >1,500 blocks per minute
  • Block production: 100,000+ blocks produced by 40+ Delegates
  • Load tests: 200+ finalized TPS and more intensive load tests coming soon
  • Soft fork compatibility: compatible hotfixes (i.e., rc6 + rc7) can run concurrently without affecting consensus
  • Monitoring: effective monitoring of all nodes status / performance — see https://t.iotex.me/chainhealth for the live results
  • Usability tools: great collection of ioctl tool features and rewards distribution tool in progress

Real blocks, real transactions, real IOTX tokens!

What’s Next?
We have made incredible progress over the past week of Mainnet Rehearsal, but we still have work to do! IoTeX Foundation will host more Mainnet Rehearsal events next week (Orientation Call #2 + Consensus Rehearsal #3). Assuming these events run smoothly, the public Mainnet launch is expected during the week of April 15 (final date coming soon)!

It is critical for the future of IoTeX that all security and performance issues are resolved before public Mainnet launch.
Please be patient as we continue to work with all Delegates and put the finishing touches on our Mainnet. Thank you for supporting IoTeX — let’s build the future together!

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We welcome our community from all around the globe to create short 10 — 15 seconds videos congratulating and sending wishes to the IoTeX team, Delegates, Brand Ambassadors and the global community along with partners! This is a very important milestone for our project and we would like to spread this amazing news globally through the support of our community!

🎥 You can record the video in English or in your own language & shoot it anywhere — at home, at work, or at a cool & creative location, such as, a well-known landmark of your city or country — use your creativity!

Campaign Prizes
We will have a lucky draw based on the participation rate below — the higher the number of participants, the more rewards you can receive, so make sure to tell your friends to join!

  • 20≤ Number of participants ≤50 — we will randomly select up to 10 winners that will receive 150 IOTX each
  • 51≤ Number of participants ≤100 — we will randomly select up to 20winners that will receive 500 IOTX each
  • 101≤ Number of participants ≤300 — we will randomly select up to 30 winners that will receive 1000 IOTX each
❗ Please note that one person can only participate once in this campaign and we do not allow multiple submissions/accounts. Any cheating or suspicious activity will result in the suspension of your participation.

❗You must subscribe to our official channels listed in the rules section and your Twitter account needs to be at least 6 months old

🌟The IoTeX team will select the best & most creative videos & feature them on our official channels, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and get the spotlight 🌟

Read the full terms of the contest - our Blog


IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal Conclusion — Launch Coming Soon!

After two weeks of workshops and rigorous testing, we are happy to report that Mainnet Rehearsal has officially concluded!

On April 9, IoTeX Foundation hosted Orientation Call #2, the fourth and final Mainnet Rehearsal event. We had 55+ participants that joined our global conference call — the highest attendance of all Mainnet Rehearsal events! This shows the interest and commitment from our Delegates is only getting stronger — we can’t wait to build the future of IoTeX together.

Slides from Orientation Call #2: https://bre.is/tlNCi2ArJ
If you missed our earlier Mainnet Rehearsal events, see our full recaps here:

Key Takeaways from Mainnet Rehearsal
The primary goals of Mainnet Rehearsal were to 1) properly train Delegates to run consensus for IoTeX, and 2) pressure test and improve our Mainnet code. Today, Delegates are consistently mining REAL blocks using the REAL Mainnet code on REAL servers. We are proud to report we accomplished both of our primary goals — the Mainnet Rehearsal was a huge success!

Current status of Mainnet Rehearsal blockchain: https://t.iotex.me/chainhealth
IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal lasted ~2 weeks and included two Consensus Rehearsals (bootstrapping a new blockchain from scratch) and two Orientation Calls (technical workshops from IoTeX Foundation). Throughout the Mainnet Rehearsal, we greatly improved the performance and security of the IoTeX blockchain and helped Delegate setup/optimize their nodes. Key takeaways include:

  • Multiple code releases + updates: Mainnet Rehearsal started with Testnet v0.5.0-rc6, and new code releases (rc7, rc8, rc9) were launched every week with bug fixes, new features, and improved performance.
  • Load tests and “fire drill” practice: we rapidly injected transactions (300+ finalized TPS) to test the limits of our blockchain, and practiced how to handle rare “fire drill” incidents — practice makes perfect!
  • System infrastructure + devops: IoTeX Foundation delivered multiple workshops to help configure and optimize Delegate nodes; recommended setup includes Kubernetes, Envoy, Prometheus, PagerDuty, Keel, and more
  • Command line interface (ioctl tool): we built/improved the ioctl tool, which provides a seamless interface to interact with IoTeX blockchain: account mgmt, wallet, node status, transactions, rewards, and much more. This tool is not only for Delegates — please try it out for yourself!
  • Rewards calculation + distribution tools: some of our Delegates, such as InfinityStones, iotxplorer, and IoTASK, created open source tools to help Delegates calculate/distribute rewards and add transparency for voters
  • DDoS attack bounty campaign: to really challenge the IoTeX blockchain and our Delegates, we issued a DDoS bounty to identify any weak points and attack vectors. The IoTeX blockchain has held up very well!
Although Mainnet Rehearsal is now over, we will continue to strengthen and improve the IoTeX Network. We encourage ALL community members to test and help improve the IoTeX Mainnet once it is publicly launched.

Next Stop: Mainnet Alpha Launch!
The Mainnet Rehearsal was extremely useful in enhancing our consensus, adding usability for Delegates, and ensuring the real Mainnet can conquer all risks and scenarios. By going through this process, we are extremely confident that our Delegates will be able to grow and maintain the IoTeX Network.

The IoTeX blockchain code is currently being audited by top cybersecurity and formal verification companies. This process is similar to the audits of our staking/voting smart contracts by Certik & SlowMist. It is critical for the future of IoTeX that all security and performance issues are resolved before public Mainnet launch.

The blockchain audit is the final milestone before the public launch of Mainnet Alpha — we will announce to the community once this is completed. Assuming no issues, we plan to finalize and announce the official public Mainnet launch date during the week of April 15.

What else is on the horizon?
The Mainnet Alpha launch is coming soon, but there are also many other exciting things on the way! Some we can share now, and some are top secret to be shared soon. 2019 will be an amazing, action-packed year for IoTeX — here are some things to look forward to:

  • Community reward programs (IoLove, Mainnet video, DDoS): don’t miss out on your chance to earn IOTX rewards in our three active community reward campaigns! Your participation in the IoLove and Mainnet video campaigns will greatly help us to spread the word about IoTeX Mainnet launch, please participate!
  • IoTeX Member Portal: your one-stop shop for all things Blockchain + IoT! We will be educating you on the latest products and giving away IoT devices and IoTeX swag — you must be a Member to access, so make sure to vote today!
  • Early staking/voting bonus: these rewards from the IoTeX Foundation will be distributed to voters once Mainnet is launched. We originally intended to give the 30% bonus to the first 1,000 buckets that staked >28 days, but decided to extend the 30% bonus to anyone that staked in March for >28 days! Please remember that you must keep your tokens staked until Mainnet launch to receive the early staking bonus.
Stay tuned to our official channels for more exciting announcements, and please help us spread the news about IoTeX Mainnet! We appreciate your support, let’s build the future together.

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IoTeX News Digest YouTube Campaign — EP 38

Campaign Period
⏰April 14, 10AM PST — April 16, 10AM PST

Steps to participate:
  1. Join our Telegram Group and Announcement Channel & make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel
  2. Fill out this form & complete the task of the week listed there to win!
By successfully completing the two steps listed above 👆ALL of the participants will receive 10 points.

Based on the participation rate below, we will have a lucky draw, where you can win additional points for spreading the world and helping us to build a true Global Community 💙

  • Number of participants ≤20 — we will randomly select up to 3 winners that will receive 100 IOTX each
  • 21≤ Number of participants ≤50 — we will randomly select up to 5 winners that will receive 150 IOTX each
  • 51≤ Number of participants ≤100 — we will randomly select up to 10 winners that will receive 200 IOTX each
  • 101≤ Number of participants ≤300 — we will randomly select up to 20 winners that will receive 300 IOTX each
More details


Everything You Need to Know About IoTeX Mainnet Alpha

IoTeX & Internet of Trusted Things
IoTeX began our journey in 2017 to build the Internet of Trusted Things, where all physical and virtual “things” — humans, machines, businesses, and dApps — can efficiently exchange information and value at global scale. Throughout the past two years, we built IoTeX from scratch and devoted ourselves to delivering new innovations to the blockchain industry. This is manifested in Mainnet Alpha, which delivers a state-of-the-art Root Chainon which new Layer 2 chains, tokens, dApps, and businesses will be launched.​

The IoTeX Mainnet serves as the origin for the Internet of Trusted Things.Our vision is much more than just adding trust to today’s IoT devices. Rather, by acting as a decentralized trust fabric for ALL physical and virtual things, IoTeX will drive end-to-end trust throughout the entire information life cycle, including collection, transport, storage, and utilization. This means data and assets can be shared by all types of “things”, enabling new decentralized business models involving humans, machines, businesses, and dApps:
  • Humans can seamlessly transact with machines in new sharing economy and data-as-a-service use cases
  • Machines can interact directly with other machines to power decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)
  • Businesses can collaborate with other businesses to achieve new levels of collective intelligence and impact
  • Humans, machines, and businesses can access trusted dApps to perform various processes/tasks with full data privacy
The Internet of Trusted Things will change the world; however, it takes a special kind of blockchain to bring this vision to reality. IoTeX is the only blockchain platform capable of powering the Internet of Trusted Things.From Day 1, we made upfront design decisions to tailor fit IoTeX to support data privacy, trusted computing, large-scale IoT, interoperability, and big data use cases. By serving as the infrastructure to unify all “things”, IoTeX will power the new decentralized economy.

What is Mainnet Alpha?
Mainnet Alpha introduces the Root Chain, which is a robust foundation for future Layer 2 (L2) chains and dApps. As the manager of all L2 chains, the Root Chain utilizes Roll-DPoS consensus to guarantee security, reliability and transparency. The Root Chain provides P2P networking and consensus resources, which are leveraged by all L2 chains in the IoTeX Network. The Root Chain will allow developers to spin up custom L2 chains just as they would a new instance on Cloud! Cross-chain communication is also enabled by the Root Chain, which allows L2 chains to interoperate.
The safety-oriented Root Chain acts as a launchpad for various L2 chains, which are meant to be flexible and fit-for-purpose. L2 chains can be created with distinct crypto-economics and architectures to satisfy specific use cases: permissioned vs. permission-less, storage vs. micro-transaction focused, privacy vs. transparency-centric. The first L2 chain (codename: “AvoChain”) focused on privacy and trusted computing will be launched in Q2 2019.
Key components that have been released in Mainnet Alpha include:
  • Roll-DPoS Consensus: IoTeX’s in-house consensus mechanism is a variant of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), which delivers higher scalability without sacrificing decentralization or security. Roll-DPoS randomly selects 24 of the top 36 community-elected Delegates using distributed key generation (DKG) + BLS signatures. New Delegates are randomly selected every epoch (one hour) to ensure high security and hardware efficiency.
  • Ethereum-to-IoTeX Bridge: until the IoTeX Gravity Chain (governance layer) is launched in Q3/Q4, governance tasks (e.g., staking/voting) will be run on Ethereum. To facilitate this cross-network interoperability, we built a first-of-its-kind decentralized bridge between IoTeX and Ethereum, where the status of Ethereum staking/voting smart contracts instruct the IoTeX blockchain to perform Delegate swaps based on live voting results.
  • Extensible State transitions: IoTeX’s state transition component is designed to be extensible, meaning a subprotocol can be conveniently plugged in to support certain state transitions (e.g., confidential txns) without disrupting performance/security. As of now, there are five subprotocols implemented in Mainnet Alpha:

  • EVM-compatible execution unit: Mainnet Alpha uses Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which is widely used by blockchain developers. Existing EVM-based dApps can be ported over to the IoTeX Network starting now!In the future, we will use EVM as a standalone execution unit for edge devices and develop an in-house IoTeX Virtual Machine, interpreter, and corresponding programming paradigms for decentralized computing.
  • SDK and explorer: to ensure a great developer experience, we provide the latest tech stack in the industry. dApps can interact with the IoTeX blockchain using our SDK (iotex-antenna) via gRPC. Developers can also create/unlock accounts, prepare smart contracts, and query the chain with GraphQL via our explorer (iotexscan). We use typescript to support type check and type annotation for ease of use and engineering quality.
IoTeX Native Token & Utility
The launch of Mainnet Alpha also marks the official launch of the IoTeX native token. The IoTeX native token is a utility token, which will be used in both the Root Chain (orchestration layer) and Gravity Chain (governance layer) for the following purposes:
  • Decentralized governance: staking/voting for Delegates, Delegate rewards and slashing, and network-wide votes/referendums (i.e., changes to rules, parameters, protocols)
  • Gas fees: running transactions and executing smart contracts on the IoTeX Network. One novelty is that gas fees are collected as a “tax” and then pooled/distributed to block producing Delegates
  • Bond/operation costs for L2 chains: to provision a Layer 2 chain, one must stake tokens on the Root Chain as bond and pay for operational costs. Each L2 chain may have its own crypto-economics and tokens, but will pay “registration costs” to leverage Root Chain resources.
Token Swap: Native & ERC20
The new IoTeX native token and existing IoTeX ERC20 token will co-exist for 3–6 months (until Gravity Chain launch in Q3/Q4 2019). For now, the ERC20 token will be used for staking/voting on Ethereum and will be tradable on exchanges (i.e., Binance, Bittrex, Upbit), while the native token will be used for running transactions and smart contracts on the IoTeX Network.
After the launch of Gravity Chain in Q3/Q4 2019, we will facilitate an official ERC20-to-native token swap via mainstream exchanges. Until then, options for token holders to two-way swap their tokens 1:1 include:
  • ERC20-to-native: leverage our Ethereum-IoTeX bridge to swap via smart contract — just send ERC20 tokens to an Ethereum smart contract and the corresponding amount of native tokens will be sent to your IoTeX address
  • Native-to-ERC20: use our micro-service iotex-tube — just send your native tokens to a specific IoTeX address, and corresponding amount of ERC20 tokens will be sent to your ETH address.
IoTeX Delegates & Staking/Voting
The IoTeX Network uses Roll-DPoS consensus, where Delegates are elected by token holders to run consensus on behalf of the entire network. The primary role of a Delegate is to help grow and maintain the network by providing robust node infrastructure, maintaining high server uptime, collaborating with other Delegates to run consensus, and contributing to various network initiatives.
IoTeX uses a unique staking/voting process managed completely by smart contract. As such, there is no centralized entity that can manipulate voting results — it is fully decentralized as all voting should be! In the IoTeX Network, 1 token = 1 vote and voters can also get bonus votes by setting a pre-defined stake duration (bonus curve). For more information on the voting process, please see our all-in-one Voter Handbook.
There are currently 50+ IoTeX Delegates from 20+ countries, including developers, community, media, universities, enterprises, and funds/VCs. Also included are experienced node operators from other PoS/DPoS networks, such as EOS, Tezos, Tron, Lisk, and IOST. With such a diverse, committed, and experience group of Delegates, we are confident that the IoTeX Network will be able to evolve efficiently and sustainably.

Vote today at member.iotex.io!
Voting for Delegates began on March 11, with a goal of having 20% of the total circulating supply (~500 million IOTX) staked/voted to bootstrap the Mainnet. This goal was met within one week, a testament to our highly committed community! With one week left until Mainnet Alpha, there are now >750 million tokens staked/voted (~30% of the circulating supply). If you haven’t voted yet, vote today on the official voting website!
The Future of IoTeX
IoTeX is and always will be 100% open source — an experiment in mindshare and collaboration, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The launch of Mainnet Alpha represents a new era of IoTeX, with community-driven development and teamwork as top priorities. We can’t wait to see what you will build on the IoTeX Network!

The Grand Design of IoTeX: Multi-layer Architecture
Mainnet Alpha is just a start — the grand design of IoTeX is a multi-layer architecture comprised of hierarchical blockchain layers with unique duties: Gravity Chain (governance), Root Chain (orchestration), and Layer 2 chains (operation/execution). Additional layers will be released throughout 2019, with the first Layer 2 chain in Q2 and the Gravity Chain in Q3/Q4. For more details, please see our post on The Grand Design of IoTeX.

IoTeX Roadmap 2019
As shown in our roadmap, 2019 will be an action-packed year for IoTeX.With a robust Root Chain foundation in place, the next steps of adding new L2 chains (i.e., trusted computing, IoT device hub), open source tools (i.e., SDKs, explorers, wallets), and dApps/services (i.e., DEX, stable coins, oracles) will involve the entire IoTeX developer and user community. Let us celebrate this major Mainnet Alpha milestone together and look forward to the journey ahead — let’s build the future together!



TrustWallet Launches IoTeX Staking/Voting dApp!

With Mainnet Alpha on the horizon, IoTeX is always looking for new convenient ways for our community to stake/vote for Delegates. 👌 Flexibility, clean interface, and security are needed to ensure the safety of voters’ tokens and provide a great user experience - check the step-by-step instruction here

Greetings everyone! We are back with our Project Update Report №13 for 03/19 — 04/17 period. In the last month, our team continued to work hard on executing Mainnet Rehearsal for our 50+ Delegates in preparation for the upcoming Mainnet Alpha release, working closely with the community in order to educate them and provide resources on how staking & voting works in our network and launching some creative and exciting campaigns for our dedicated followers 💙 We have prepared this blog in order to do a recap of our recent achievements to share with our beloved community.

IoTeX Mainnet Alpha Countdown is ON now!

After 2 years of development, we are proud to announce that IoTeX Mainnet Alpha will be launched on April 22 🚀 In order to get familiar with this code releases and why it’s such an important milestone for IoTeX, please see
Official launch website ▶ launch.iotex.io
IoTeX Mainnet Alpha
IoTeX Mainnet is the origin for the Internet of Trusted Things, where any physical and virtual things -- humans…www.launch.iotex.io

Mainnet Alpha blog ▶
Everything You Need to Know About IoTeX Mainnet Alpha
IoTeX & Internet of Trusted Thingsmedium.com

Recap of IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsals!

In order for the IoTeX Mainnet Alpha to take place and make sure that the Delegates are able to run the consensus of the network in a secure way on behalf of the entire community, IoTeX’s team has executed Mainnet Rehearsal sessions by creating various workshops (i.e., infrastructure, monitoring, rewards) and practicing real world Delegate scenarios:
  • Network bootstrap: start blockchain + consensus process from scratch
  • First aid: pause / resume blockchain without affecting block production
  • Hotfix (compatible): install new software without pausing consensus (e.g., bug fixes, new features)
  • Hotfix (non-compatible): network-wide pause to install new software (e.g., serious issues that should not happen regularly)
  • Rollback & recovery: reverse a set of blocks and allow blockchain to recover (e.g., critical issues and bugs, should not happen)
We have been recording all the sessions and prepared the recap for you in the blog posts below:
Overview of the IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal
Mainnet Rehearsal Begins on March 27!
After 12 days of voting, we are proud to share that over 600 million IOTX (~24% of the circulating supply) have been…medium.com

Mainnet Rehearsal Kickoff Report
Mainnet Rehearsal Kickoff Report
Our Mainnet Rehearsal kickoff was a great success! 50+ IoTeX Delegates from around the world met online to practice…medium.com

IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal Update — Incredible Progress Every Day!
IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal Update — Incredible Progress Every Day!
Since IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal started one week ago, our 50+ Delegates have practiced bootstrapping the Mainnet from…medium.com

IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal Conclusion
IoTeX Mainnet Rehearsal Conclusion — Launch Coming Soon!
After two weeks of workshops and rigorous testing, we are happy to report that Mainnet Rehearsal has officially…medium.com

IoTeX Member Portal is Coming Soon!
The IoTeX Member Portal is your one-stop shop for all things Blockchain + IoT. We will be sharing product reviews / unboxings and giving away FREE IoT devices and exclusive IoTeX swag!
✅ Only Genesis Voters will get access to the IoTeX Member Portal. Haven’t voted yet? Go to member.iotex.io and vote today!
🎥 Check out the video below & if you like this initiative, give us 👍

IoTeX Stake & Vote
We hope that most of our community has already staked & voted and already looking forward to receiving their early voter rewards from the IoTeX Foundation, but in case if you are new to IoTeX, here are the resources that you will find helpful:

Step-by-step blog ▶
Voting for IoTeX Delegates — Official Kickoff!
After an exciting week of staking, it’s now time to VOTE for IoTeX Delegates. Voting will officially start on Monday…medium.com

Guidebook ▶

Voting Guide video ▶

Make sure to get familiar with our 50+ Delegates and review their website, introduction, community plan, and rewards plan that you can access through the voting website below.

IoTeX’s Delegates & Partners Updates
Mobile Voting DApp by Cobo Wallet

We are excited to inform our community that Cobo Wallet — IoTeX Delegate and strategic partner — has officially released the first Mobile Voting DApp for IoTeX Delegates Program! With this mobile voting platform, the voting process can be performed directly through the Cobo Wallet with built-in MetaMask tool.
Cobo Releases Mobile Voting DApp for IoTeX Delegates Program
We are excited to inform our community that Cobo Wallet — IoTeX Delegate and strategic partner — has officially…medium.com

Open-source Reward Calculation Tool by Infinity Stones

IoTeX Lab presenting IoTeX at the @IoThingsMilan Industry event in Italy!

Follow IoTeX for the latest updates on CoinGecko

IoTeX (IOTX) price, chart, and fundamentals info | CoinGecko
Get live charts for IoTeX (IOTX) price, volume, market cap, supply, exchanges, historical statistics and key…www.coingecko.com

IoT: The Problem Blockchain Is Looking For? — Consensus Networks
IoT: The Problem Blockchain Is Looking For?
The explosion of IoT devices provides untapped potential for blockchain technology. Digital keys, encryption, and…blog.consensusnetworks.com

IoTeX’s token contract gets a 100% score in the security audit by CertiK Foundation

Marketing & PR Updates
Interview with BlockchainBrad
Our Head of Business Development, Larry Pang, sat down with BlockchainBrad to talk all things IoTeX & provide insightful information on the things we are working on, our vision, approach and plans for the current year. We suggest you to check out the livestream and for your convenience, the timestamps are provided, as well as, here is a short summary report of the main points discussed in this interview.
Interview Video

Recap & Highlights of the Interview with BlockchainBrad
As IoTeX is approaching the Mainnet Alpha launch, our Head of Business Development, Larry Pang, sat down with…medium.com

BlockGroup Invested in IoTeX

Three Altcoin Prospects to Check Out Now

Three Altcoin Prospects to Check Out Now for 2019
The cryptocurrency world sees many ups and down but now could be a good time to get involved because the “crypto…medium.com

IoTeX in the report by @santimentfeed
Here's What March's Top ERC-20 Projects By Dev Activity Have Been Working On
Each month, we shine a spotlight on the 10 ERC-20 projects with the highest-recorded developer activity for the past 30…t.co

IoTeX in the @marketsmarkets report!
Blockchain IoT Market Size, Growth, Trend and Forecast to 2024 | MarketsandMarkets
135 Pages] Blockchain IoT Market Research Report, identifies new revenue opportunity in blockchain IoT industry. The…www.marketsandmarkets.com

Can a blockchain handle the IoT and protect your private data too?
IoTeX Scales Up: Privacy-Focused IoT Mainnet Within Weeks | Crypto Briefing
Not quite. That's not even the half of it. Discussing IoTeX with Head of Business Development Larry Pang immediately…cryptobriefing.com

IoTeX in the top 10 out of ALL projects based on [B]CoinMarketCap[/B]Fundamental Crypto Asset Score
Flipside Crypto
Edit descriptionapp.flipsidecrypto.com

Community & Campaigns
AMA & Livestream Video + Recap — March 26
IoTeX AMA Livestream for Delegates Program — Mar 26, 2019
Hello everyone! After an exciting month of introducing our delegates and kicking off the voting, we will meet you again…medium.com

Get creative & join our IoLove Campaign II
IoLove Campaign II — Unleash your Creativity on IoTeX Delegates Program
Hello IoTeX community! As you know, we are actively preparing for the upcoming election and voting of our Delegates and…medium.com

Mainnet Alpha Celebration

IoTeX Global celebration of the Mainnet Alpha Launch!
Hello our dear IoTeX supporters! We are super thrilled for the upcoming Mainnet Alpha launch, that is expected to be…medium.com

Calling all tech supporters for the DDoS Attack Bounty Campaign
IoTeX DDoS Attack Bounty Program
Our Mainnet Rehearsal which was kicked off on Mar 27 went smoothly with 50+ delegates in the past week! It has provided…medium.com

IoTeX News
Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the weekly project updates & other cool videos from us and our community!
Here’s our latest episode:

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our latest updates!
If you are interested in becoming an IoTeX Partner, please complete this form.
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IoTeX Delegate, please complete this form.
If you are interested in becoming an
IoTeX Brand Ambassador, please read this blog & complete the form.


We are excited to now bring charity into the IoTeX Delegates Program

IoTeX is proud to introduce our new partner and Delegate: The Giving Block!
Together, we will use blockchain for social good. ALL Delegate rewards will be donated to a new charity every quarter, starting with the Lupus Foundation of America (lupus.org).
A vote for The Giving Block is a vote for Charity!


The Giving Block will become an official IoTeX Delegate, helping IoTeX grow and maintain the network. IoTeX Delegates are issued rewards in IOTX tokens and all profits earned by The Giving Block will be donated to charitable causes! We are excited to pioneer this new approach to supporting nonprofits/charities.

Please consider using some/all of your votes for this great cause — even a little can make a big difference. A vote for The Giving Block is a vote for Charity! Vote here: https://member.iotex.io/delegate/5cb7febe87358f57fb17ce09

What is The Giving Block?
The Giving Block helps nonprofits leverage cryptocurrency and blockchain to elevate their impact. They focus on basic blockchain education, equipping nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency donations (including IOTX!), and matching them with top projects in the industry to explore innovative use cases. The Giving Block currently partners with charitable organizations such as the Lupus Foundation of America, who will be the first recipient of the Delegate Program rewards.

IoTeX Delegate Program & The Giving Block
A vote for The Giving Block is a vote for Charity. 50% of all Delegate rewards will be donated to the “Charity of the Quarter” and the other 50% will be redistributed to voters. To introduce as many charities to blockchain and cryptocurrency, a new charity will be selected every three months as the recipient of rewards. In the future, we plan to work on traceability-focused dApps to add transparency into how these rewards are used.

The first “Charity of the Quarter” is the Lupus Foundation of America. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. It is difficult to diagnose, a challenge to treat and potentially fatal. Currently there is no known cause or cure. Lupus affects more than 5 million people around the world. You can contribute to finding a cure by voting for The Giving Block or donating cryptocurrency (IOTX coming soon!) directly to Lupus Foundation of America on their website.

➡ Full announcement: https://bre.is/673H6wVsu
➡ Vote for TGB: https://bre.is/MoSSRrAbd
➡ The Giving Block Telegram: https://t.me/TheGivingBlock


Today marks the one-year anniversary of IoTeX's first Testnet code release. One year later, we are ready to begin the next chapter of IoTeX with Mainnet Alpha.
Thank you for your support - we hope you enjoy the launch!

Analysis of the IoTeX project in Polish

Don't Miss IoTeX (ITOX) #GenesisVoter Rewards 🔥- Get Staking/Voting - Hindi

IoTeX joined the Crypto101 podcast (crypto101podcast.com) along with @zcoinofficial to discuss how privacy, IoT, and trusted computing will expand the reach and impact of blockchain technology 🌎

Great insights - check out the full interview now! 🙌🏾

Royal Land passion is providing IoTex: capital, domain expertise, partnerships, recruiting and strategy


Support the IoTeX Mainnet Alpha Launch & make a quick Tweet here https://www.launch.iotex.io/

https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=📢 IoTeX Mainnet Alpha will be launched April 22 🚀 Congrats to @iotex_io on this major milestone - one step closer to bringing blockchain, IoT and privacy to the real world! See the official launch website for full details:&url=https://www.launch.iotex.io/&original_referer=https://www-launch-iotex-io.filesusr.com/html/efb9d3_3c8f1e2725aa74e9437cba796dba4232.html


🎊 IoTeX Mainnet Alpha is officially LIVE! 🙌

✅ Mainnet Alpha serves as the origin for the Internet of Trusted Things, which enables all physical and virtual things -- humans, machines, businesses, dApps -- to exchange information and value at global scale. It provides a robust foundation for developers to create next-gen dApps. Look forward to more in-house innovations for data privacy, trusted computing, and IoT from IoTeX foster the new decentralized economy!

🤗 We are proud to have all of you as Genesis Voters & Delegates - let's celebrate the launch and build the future of IoTeX together!
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