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Margin - An 24/7 automated, secure and easy to use trading terminal designed exclusively for bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders


See more at: http://marginsoft.host/
About Margin:
Once you’ve tried margin you’ll never trade on exchange websites again. Drag-and-drop orders in margin’s beautifully rendered charts or hover over a completed trade to immediately see the gain you just made. RSS feeds are rendered in-chart to allow you to stay on top of the news. And for power traders it’s possible to view up to 25 markets simultaneously on a second screen.

Margin allows you to quickly set up automatic trading strategy bots. That means you can make money while you sleep in cryptocurrency markets that never sleep! Visualisation of bot parameters foster understanding and allow even beginner traders to take advantage of volatile markets by taking the emotion out of the decision making processes.

Technical indicators
Margin ships with a suite of indicators such as Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, EMI, VWAP and many more. Beautifully rendered, they can be used as drivers for bot decisions or on their own to help when manually trading. Adding an indicator is always just a couple of clicks away.

Configurable GUI
With margin you can configure the GUI to have it just the way you like it! This isn't some website plugin, but a fully fledged desktop application trading terminal. Connect a second monitor to view multiple charts at once, drag-and-drop tool windows to your favoured position and night owls can switch to a dark skin!

Download http://marginsoft.host/ promo Z456291 removes trial version restrictions till 10/01/2019
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