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Titan Projects Launch Most Advanced Family Security Mobile App



Titan’s state-of-the-art family security mobile app is now available to download for users worldwide. Avail 15-days Trial Version on the website.

TitanProjects, a growing startup in the cryptocurrency space, has recently launched its official family security app named Titan Family Security, which will be initially available for iOS and Android devices.

Titan team had been working for some time now to develop a totally new kind of family security app, which can be customized to enable parents to ensure the safety of their children and family members, especially when using their mobile devices to access the internet and social media.

The Titan Family Security Mobile App comes with a load of features designed to enable parents to keep a total watch on their kids’ mobile and social activities as well as their location, whereabouts and much more.

“At TitanProjects, we understand how crucial it is for parents to protect the safety of their children and family from all kinds of online and offline threats.

The Family Security Mobile App comprises of a number of tools for family owners to track the complete whereabouts of their families, their location, social activities, phone messages/calls, to name a few. It’s a one-in-all family security app,” said TitanProjects CEO.

The Titan Family Security App will allow parents to:
  • Track social activities and ensure the online security of their kids;
  • Track the location in real-time;
  • Track the phone via GPS;
  • Request for live location sharing;
  • Track the whereabouts via video surveillance;
  • Request live videos;
  • Get notifications about location and activities;
  • Send one-click alerts;
  • And much more.
The Family Security App of Titanprojects is now officially launched and the download links are available on the official website. As a launch offer, the company is giving away a 15-days trial version of the app for those who want to experience it.

Official website: https://security.titanprojects.co/

Titan Family Security App download: https://security.titanprojects.co/APK/TitanFamily.apk
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